About Typemuseum

In general, a museum is a place of for displaying collected items to the public. The Typemuseum virtually collects photographic findings and documents of and about typographical signs. The spectrum of depicted objects ranges from concert announcements on stickers, to signs of shops around the corner; from neon signs in New York to crumpled receipts in your trouser pocket. Everything that consists of typographic signs can be part of the Typemuseum collection.

The Typemuseum is a project, that has been accompanying dmcgroup since for more than 15 years. It started under the direction of Markus Hanzer and has spent several years sleeping since then. Now, it has been rediscovered, relaunched and redesigned: It’s now a living and thriving platform made by and for typographic enthusiasts. Every user contributes their own typographic memorabilia and artifacts and thus shares them online with an ever growing community.

Typemuseum’s goal is to extract the very essence and nature of typefaces found in our every day surroundings and seperateseparate typographic signs from their regular visual entities. Typemuseum’s poetic approach lies within its variety of typographic signs, their potential meanings and recognizability.
As with every museum, Typemuseum conserves its exhibits and uses keywords and tags to make them accessible and browseable.

You, me and everyone can be directors and curators of this virtual museum exhibition. Let’s celebrate typography!